Thoughts and Encouragements

Recalibrate your thoughts….

***You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you.
True power is sitting back and observing things with logic.
True power is restraint.
If works control you, that means everyone else can control you. Breathe. Allow things to pass.
– Warren Buffett

***Do something today!
Big oaks grow from little acorns, and activity is a precursor to accomplishment.
You don’t think (or feel) yourself into success. Thinking is the starting line, but ACTION depends on the driver…YOU!

***Be sure of one thing…life CAN be wasted.
The waste lies in the love we have but never give; in the wasted talents and abilities we have but never use. The “waste” is a small-minded, selfish insecurity which will risk nothing!
Life can be wasted because we fail to realize that WE, YOU AND I, all possess a unique life experience that NO ONE else can live. It’s ours and ours alone!!

***Integrity……Is the distance between our lips and our lives.

***Everyone makes a difference. The choice we have is whether we want to make a positive or negative one. Choosing to not make a positive difference, defaults into choosing to make a negative one. It relates the same.
Everything you do—–and don’t do—–is significant.

***Do you care about the marks you’re leaving in life?
Leadership isn’t a mysterious art practiced by only a select few. It is the daily response of everyone who desires to make a positive difference in the world, as a result of their efforts.
The marks in life we leave…are in the lives of other people.

***What are you passionate about?
Passion: an intense, compelling emotion; strong feeling; a desire for something.
Originating from the Greek: suffering and submission.
True passion demands something from us; it requires sacrifice. Can we be willing to pour ourselves into our passions; arranging our lives and work to do the things we are passionate about, as often as possible?
Choose different….today!💚

***There is no veil of ease about the extraordinary effort required to have personal freedom.
Yes it will be hard. It will require that we finally declare who we are and what we want. It will require that we refuse to break our integrity when faced with hardship. To spend the full force of our energies advancing toward personal freedom, shall be our aim.
Today, let us set NEW declarations and disciplines in our lives.

***A fearful past does not have to generate a fear-driven present. We don’t have to be a slave to our past and history; we can be freed by our conscious thoughts and disciplined habits.
We make great efforts to move our lives forward at every moment we have the choice. The choice to interrupt our fear and activate our freedom by choosing how to feel, interpret and direct our lives.

***There is no self-awareness in letting fear reign because of our own mental sloth.
YOU have the personal power to wield your thoughts in the daily fight against your fears. Your thoughts will free you or destroy you. It is your choice, alone, to move toward personal freedom.
You can learn and grow and begin now… FOR DESTINY FAVORS THE BOLD.

***Are we living in the present,really?
Do you talk about the past during your day?
Are yesterday’s hardships stealing your aliveness, today?
To have personal freedom, it’s imperative to release the past, to the past. Focus on this exact moment; so today is felt, experienced and lived. It’s those who choose this, that have a life that is truly connected, authentically real and immensely positive.

***Pursue passion…♥️
Each day we have a choice to go with the “pulls” of this world or to tenaciously pursue the path promised to us.
We then develop clarity and write our manifestos and plans and can execute them with heart and discipline.
WHEN we stick to it and fight through the heaviness of yesterday, then the success of each day is welcomed, encouraged and passion begins to ignite our soul.

***Only our actions truly speak volumes of who we really are and what we deeply desire; any inconvenience can become a good excuse to stop focusing on advancing our lives to fully reach our potential and personal freedom.
Will you commit yourself to your own cause of advancement and growth?

***Thought for today…..
We must commit ourselves to our OWN personal freedom and advancement for the sake of growth, love and giving.
No longer should we wait or ask for permission, the proper timing, or ease in progressing our lives. Only our actions will show who we really are and what we really want. We must start now.