Donna recommends TanyaAdkins Coaching. April 2019

Communicates well with people. She has a gift for praying …
She is passionate about helping others and relates to people in a warm and caring way. She is very intelligent and has much to offer to others.

Paul recommends TanyaAdkins Coaching. April 2019

This sounds like your field of expertise.I bet you will do well and help lotsa people.Best of luck to you.

Carol recommends TanyaAdkins Coaching. June 2019

She is professional, outstanding teacher, and hugely knowledgeable about the Seven Life Languages that will improve communication in all relationships!!

Susie recommends TanyaAdkins Coaching. May 2019

Tanya is an amazing coach! She has an abundance of patience and understanding and she knows how to teach so that you “Get it”. I am looking forward to working with her and growing personally as well as expanding my businesses.