Tanya Adkins is a Certified Communication Coach, specializing in the 7 Life Languages through the Life Language Institute based in Dallas, TX.

Tanya has a passion to help you to improve every relationship in your life. Whether it’s your personal or business life, sales or customer service training, the tools and training will help you dramatically expand your ability to understand others and how they prefer to communicate.

Each of us process information and human interaction (or the lack of it), differently. Teaching communication styles is not new. What is new, is a proven Life Language tool that is so accurate, that you can know who you are talking with, and how to approach them, by asking one question!

Why do you have the friends or business associates that you have now? What if you can learn how to build amazing rapport with almost anyone within minutes, both personally and professionally, or instantly increase your sales, or diffuse intense conflicts, or even overcome objections before they’re presented. Would you want to know more?


SALES Training

Each of us tends to have dominate and/or primary traits, and one to several, contributing triggers. Each of these “triggers” are matched with exact words, phrases, and or behaviors that cause the other person to like you and to trust you. Knowing these, completely and immediately dissolves the need for barriers and walls.

This can be done with 1 question!


Even though you don’t realize it, we all have the ability to speak all 7 languages every day and minute-by-minute. This tool immediately places you in the clients present needs, wants, understandings, desires and mindset.

Sales, Customer Service-
all about Relationships

If you are at the point in your life and or career that you know that you can do better, here is your chance to learn effective tools that work with yourself and others. How much easier would it be to listen to someone talking for 5 minutes and know how to communicate with them? Or being in customer service and immediately knowing how to reassure an upset client, or close a sale, all over the phone?